Tincta is no longer available. But check out our other apps:
Chat roulette for Slack. Get matched with random co-workers to have a casual chat over coffee.
Chat roulette for Slack. Get matched with random co-workers to have a casual chat over coffee.
Flash card vocabulary learning app for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Manage and practice foreign language words efficiently.

A Free Text Editor for Mac

Tincta is an elegant one-window text editor for macOS. It is intuitive to use on personal tasks like writing blog posts, drafting emails or jotting down grocery lists. But it also has all functionality you need for professional webdesign and programming.


Tincta comes with all the features you expect from a professional text editor:

And lots of useful little details that will make you love it:


Tincta Screenshot


Until Fall 2022 Tincta was available on the Mac App Store. But as it is no longer compatible with macOS Ventura, we pulled it from the Store.

And as Tincta is open source, you can still check out the repository and build it yourself (on Monterey or older Systems). This should not be too hard. Just take a look at the read-me.

Why Open Source

For a while now we concentrate our efforts on two other projects:
Wokabulary, a flash card app focused on language learning for Mac, iPhone and iPad.
And Loqbooq, a decision log for project management and ADR.

Tincta still has many fans, though, (including ourselves) and we don't want to just abandon this useful tool. Therefore we decided to open source Tincta and release small updates on the Mac App Store whenever people contribute to it (also including ourselves).

How to contribute

If you find bugs open an issue within the GitHub project, make sure you describe how to reproduce it and if possible include the file you were working on when you hit the bug.

If you have a fix ready, open a pull request. We will review it and merge it eventually.