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Tincta is an elegant one-window text editor that is intuitive to use on personal tasks like writing blog posts, letters or grocery lists. But it also has all functionality you need for professional webdesign and programming.

Why Open Source

For a while now we concentrate our main effort on bringing you the best software to learn your vocabulary with Wokabulary but we still get a lot of mails if we will release updates for Tincta.

Therefore we decided to open source Tincta and release small updates on the Mac App Store whenever people contribute to it.


Tincta comes with syntax color profiles for over 65 langauages and very fast and reliable coloring algorithms. Because no matter if you do websites or coding, well done syntax coloring is one of the most important features an editor must have.
Tincta's line numbering engine not only is blazingly fast but also manages line wrapping with ease and calculates every line correctly even for large files.

We know it's the little details that makes you love a text editor. So Tincta supports full drag and drop, indents selected text when you press tab, knows when an open file was changed by another application, features block selection and has an in-window live search with highlighting.

And of course Tincta has all the text editing essentials like:




Right now if you want to run Tincta you have to check out the repository and build it yourself. This should be straightforward. You can also download it from the Mac App Store.

How to contribute

If you find bugs open a issue within the Github project, make sure you describe how to reproduce it and if possible include the file you were working on when you hit the bug.

If you have a fix ready, open a pull request and we will merge it eventually.